Adam and Ben in British U21 action

Vortex Hammers fast track reserve Adam Ellis has been named as one of the ten seeded riders for the Cradley-staged British Under-21 Final, which takes place at Monmore Green, Wolverhampton on April 15.

The top ten Under-21 riders from the 2013 season have received the seeded places, whilst fellow fast track reserve Hammer Ben Morley, takes his place in the semi-final at Plymouth on March 22, from which the top six finishers will progress through to the final.

Hammers team manager and British Youth Co-Manager Neil Vatcher commented on the BPSA website:

“Out of the ten seeds, eight of the current top ten go into the 2014 season riding in the top flight of British Speedway, either being chosen to represent an Elite League club through the fast track system, or in the case of Kyle Howarth and Robert Lambert being selected for a top five team spot for their respective clubs.

“The most pleasing factor of the semi-final is that all but one National League club is being represented, which goes to show that there is a good selection of young British talent across the country.”

Full line ups:

BRITISH U21 FINAL SEEDS: Kyle Howarth (Coventry & Workington), Jason Garrity (Coventry & Rye House), Stefan Nielsen (Belle Vue & Coventry Storm), Adam Ellis (Lakeside & Ipswich), Ashley Morris (Wolverhampton & Workington), Joe Jacobs (Wolverhampton, Peterborough & Mildenhall), Tom Perry (Leicester & Cradley), Robert Lambert (King’s Lynn), Robert Branford (Unattached), Josh Bates (Sheffield & Mildenhall).

BRITISH U21 SEMI-FINAL LINE-UP: James Sarjeant (Coventry & Coventry Storm), Ben Morley (Lakeside & Kent), Oliver Greenwood (Peterborough & Coventry Storm), Max Clegg (Leicester & Cradley), Darryl Ritchings (Swindon & King’s Lynn Young Stars), Dan Greenwood (Coventry Storm), Jack Kingston (Mildenhall), Nathan Greaves (Cradley), Connor Coles (Mildenhall), Tom Woolley (Buxton), James Shanes (Devon), Brandon Freemantle (Kent), Danny Phillips (Cradley), Ryan Terry-Daley (Coventry Storm), Connor Mountain (Mildenhall), Rob Shuttleworth (Stoke). Reserves: Adam Kirby (Unattached), Danno Verge (Unattached)


Adam Ellis in riding action –  CREDIT: Gavin Ellis/TGSPHOTO

Ben Morley of Hackney – Hackney Hawks vs King’s Lynn Young Stars – CREDIT: Gavin Ellis/TGSPHOTO –