Bjarne joins the Vortex Hammers


The Vortex Hammers are delighted to welcome Danish star Bjarne Pedersen to the Raceway for the 2016 season.

The Vortex Hammers Co Promoter Jon Cook explained: “We’ve been in talks with several riders and Bjarne (Pedersen) ticks all the right boxes for us. He has an average that has room for considerable improvement, a temperament that will fit well within our team mentality and, most of all, he wanted to ride for this Club over others.

Last season we had our first genuine No.1 rider in several seasons in AJ (Andreas Jonsson) but lacked the experienced heat leader to back him up and allow our young riders to score freely without the burden of expectation. Bjarne, like Davey Watt & PK (Peter Karlsson) before him, fits the mould perfectly.”

The Club continue with team building plans but expect to make no further announcements until after Christmas. However, next week a new Management structure will be revealed.

Jon Cook commented: “It’s an extremely exciting time behind the scenes and we have filled the breach left by Neil Vatcher with what we believe is a coup for the Club and a format that others will seek to copy.”


Image Credit: Rob Newell/TGSPHOTO