British Semi-Final line-ups


Line-ups have been declared for the British Semi-Finals to take place later this month at Scunthorpe and Glasgow.

Seven qualifying places are available from each meeting, with two Wild Cards to then be selected to complete the line-up for the Final at Belle Vue on June 13.

Scunthorpe promoter and BSPA vice-chairman Rob Godfrey said: “I’m sure we will see two very competitive meetings at Glasgow and Scunthorpe and I can speak for both tracks when I say it’s a massive honour to be hosting these semi-finals.”

SCUNTHORPE – Friday May 13: Chris Harris (Coventry), Josh Auty (Leicester/Scunthorpe), Carl Wilkinson (King’s Lynn/Scunthorpe), Simon Stead (Sheffield), Kyle Howarth (Wolverhampton/Sheffield), Josh Bates (Coventry/Sheffield), Jason Garrity (Coventry/Sheffield), Leigh Lanham (Rye House), Robert Lambert (King’s Lynn/Newcastle), Simon Lambert (Peterborough), Lewis Kerr (Lakeside/Ipswich), Robert Mear (Lakeside), Richard Hall (Sheffield), Stuart Robson (Rye House), Edward Kennett (Lakeside/Rye House), Ashley Morris (Scunthorpe/Cradley).

GLASGOW – Sunday May 15: Scott Nicholls (Belle Vue), Ben Barker (Coventry/Glasgow), Richard Lawson (Lakeside/Glasgow), Richie Worrall (Belle Vue/Glasgow), Steve Worrall (Belle Vue/Newcastle), James Sarjeant (Coventry/Ipswich), Charles Wright (Swindon/Somerset), Kyle Newman (Poole/Plymouth), Paul Starke (Leicester/Somerset), Craig Cook (Belle Vue), Adam Roynon (Workington), Max Clegg (Wolverhampton/Edinburgh/Cradley), Lewis Rose (King’s Lynn/Newcastle), Danny King (Coventry/Ipswich), Lewis Bridger (Lakeside), Stefan Nielsen (Swindon/Plymouth).

Reserves: Joe Jacobs (Belle Vue), Ben Morley (Rye House), Liam Carr (Berwick/Coventry).