Cook: “Hammers should have avoided defeat”

The Lakeside Hammers defeat¬†against Poole could, and should, have been avoided says Hammers Co Promoter Jon Cook as the Club’s Play Off aspirations took a huge dent in Friday evening.

Cook commented:¬†“Whilst I will happily shoulder the blame for us not having a new rider in place for the meeting we still should have won.

“Poole came here earlier in the year when we were at full strength with the team we built to win the League and that night their top two went through the card and we were never in with a chance.

“They returned last night even stronger now with an awesome top three and we had learned the lessons and set the track perfectly to give Davey and PK the best chance to beat Chris, Darcy and KK.

“That they did on more than enough occasions for us to have that meeting sown up. Our lower order riders, Justin apart, should have dominated the rest of that Pirates team. In fact they should have barely dropped a point to them.

“Fair play to Ludwig Lindgren for an impressive display but our riders should have been better than that. We have to have very serious concerns about going forward into next season with riders I previously would have thought would be Hammers for years to come.

“Hopefully, we will see an instant response in the meetings still to come”

Picture: Justin Sedgmen leads ex Hammer Krzysztof Kasprzak (heat 14) (Ray Lawrence/TGSPHOTO)