Fixture confirmation

Lakeside Hammers would like to confirm that the next action at the Arena Essex Raceway will take place on Friday the 14th September against the Glasgow Tigers as per last week’s press release.

The BSPA website currently showing a fixture on the 8th of September against the Peterborough Panthers, was at the order of the BSPA Management Committee,  but was disputed by the Panthers until last Friday, when their change of heart came too late to change or arrange a venue as both the Raceway and Rye House are unavailable, with Rye House already having adjusted their schedules to accommodate the Panthers request to race the Championship Shield on Sunday 23rd of September and the KO cup on Saturday 29th of September.

We apologise to fans of both clubs for any confusion caused.

Details will follow this week regarding the Farewell to the Arena meeting on the 14th.

Image: Adam & Kyle in action against the Panthers. Credit Rafal Wlosek