Hammers Dream Start

Lakeside Hammers Press & Practice Day, Speedway, Arena Essex, Purfleet, Britain - 17 Mar 2016Lakeside got their 2016 Elite League campaign off to the perfect start with a 56-36 win at home to the King’s Lynn Stars.

The result was an ideal confidence booster for the Vortex Hammers, ahead of their trip to the Adrian Flux Arena for the reverse fixture later tonight (8.00)

The Arena-Essex Raceway outfit conceded just one heat advantage following a classy display in front of a packed crowd.

Promoter Jon Cook said: “It was a dream start to the season for us with a fantastic result.

We’re now in our tenth season as promoters, but it was one of the biggest Good Friday crowds we’ve seen in our time in charge.

There was some good racing and of course plenty of promise from our boys, in particular Kim Nilsson, Richard Lawson and Robert Mear who take the plaudits today.  It was an excellent way to get our season underway, so we are very happy to get our first win and hopefully things go well in the return fixture at King’s Lynn tonight.”

Kim Nilsson dropped just one point to an opposing rider when he was beaten by Grand Prix star Niels K. Iversen in Heat 13.

Richard Lawson carried over his excellent home form from 2015 with an impressive display while Piotr Swiderski proved why he could be a real trump card for the Hammers this season.

Robert Mear enjoyed a successful return to Elite League racing picking up two heat wins and contributing to two 5-1’s on his way to nine paid ten. Andreas Jonsson endured a mixed afternoon while Lewis Bridger settled steadily back onto the shale.

After a promising start, Lewis Kerr somewhat struggled for points however it was a good workout as he got some more laps under his belt, as he continues his comeback from serious injury.


Kim Nilsson 13+1
Richard Lawson 12+1,
Piotr Swiderski 9+2,
Robert Mear 9+1,
Andreas Jonsson 6,
Lewis Bridger 5+1,
Lewis Kerr 2+1.


Niels-Kristian Iversen 14,
Mads Korneliussen 10,
Lewis Rose 4+1,
Kai Huckenbeck 3,
Carl Wilkinson 2+2,
Robert Lambert 2,
Rory Schlein 1+1.

Heat Results:

Gates: Lakeside win the toss and choose gates 1&3 in Heat 1.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Iversen,Jonsson,Swiderski,Huckenbeck…58.9 3-3
Heat 02:(Re-Run): Mear,Kerr,Rose,Wilkinson…60.4 (5-1) 8-4
Heat 03: Nilsson,Bridger,Lambert,Schlein…58.3 (5-1) 13-5
Heat 04: Lawson,Korneliussen,Rose,Kerr…59.6 (3-3) 16-8
Heat 05: Swiderski,Mear,Huckenbeck,Wilkinson(Fell)…59.9 (5-1) 21-9
Heat 06:(Re-Run): IVERSEN,Lawson,Lambert,Bridger(Fell/Excluded)…59.1 (2-7) 23-16
Heat 07: Nilsson,Korneliussen,Schlein,Jonsson…59.0 (3-3) 26-19
Heat 08: Lawson,Huckenbeck,Wilkinson,Kerr…60.1 (3-3) 29-22
Heat 09: Swiderski,Korneliussen,Mear,Rose…59.5 (4-2) 33-24
Heat 10: Nilsson,Iversen,Bridger,Huckenbeck(Retired)…59.6 (4-2) 59.6
Heat 11:(Re-Runx4): Jonsson,Swiderski,Lambert(Excluded),Schlein(Fell/Excluded)…59.8 (5-0) 42-26
Heat 12:(Re-Run): Mear,Rose,Wilkinson,Kerr(Fell/Excluded)…60.7 (3-3) 45-29
Heat 13: Iversen,Nilsson,Jonsson,Lambert…58.3 (3-3) 48-32
Heat 14: Korneliussen,Bridger,Lawson,Schlein(Retired)…60.7 (3-3) 51-35
Heat 15: Lawson,Nilsson,Korneliussen,Rose…60.3 (5-1) 56-36

Heat updates Courtesy of @Lakesidelive and @Speedwayupdates.
Image – Kim Nilsson  Credit TGSPhoto