Kim & Edward represent The Hammers at ELRC


Kim Nilsson & Edward Kennett will be the Vortex Hammers representatives at the Elite League Riders Championship, which takes place at Coventry at 7.30pm,  next Saturday, the 8th of October.

The full draw is as follows:

1) Nick Morris (Swindon)
2) Chris Harris (Coventry)
3) Niels-Kristian Iversen (King’s Lynn)
4) Chris Holder (Poole)
5) Scott Nicholls (Belle Vue)
6) Kyle Newman (Poole)
7) Craig Cook (Belle Vue)
8) Sam Masters (Wolverhampton)
9) Danny King (Coventry)
10) Kim Nilsson (Lakeside)
11) Patrick Hougaard (Leicester)
12) Edward Kennett (Lakeside)
13) Rohan Tungate (Swindon)
14) Robert Lambert (King’s Lynn)
15) Fredrik Lindgren (Wolverhampton)
16) Paul Starke (Leicester)



Image credits: Anitclockwise Photography