Lee Richardson – Gone but never forgotten.

Today is a very poignant day, as it marks the year’s anniversary of the death of Lee Richardson.

It seems incredible that a year has passed. The feelings for many people are still very raw and Lee is missed greatly by all in Speedway.  Of course, our feeling of loss cannot compare to that of his family, and I am sure that today all of our thoughts will be with Emma and the boys, as well as Lee’s extended family.

On Friday, we gave a period of silent reflection and then celebrated Lee’s career with applause, paying our respects fully to a decent young man who will always be sadly missed and remembered by all at The Hammers.

Much has been said and written about Lee in the past twelve months and it is fair to say that things will never be the same at this Club without him and why indeed should they?  That is perhaps the biggest tribute to Lee, who set levels of professionalism that few of his contemporaries can match.

Jon Cook.

#RICO – Gone, but never forgotten.

#RICO Gone, but never forgotten