Poole Statement update

The club wish to point out that decisions made yesterday by the Poole promotion to cancel our visit to Dorset tonight, were made solely by that club.

Whilst we appreciate the early cancellation has prevented as much inconvenience as possible to our fans and riders and agreement has been reached to refund our commuting riders their flight costs, we do not wish to be implicated further in this saga.

Our fans should also be aware that at no time were we in a position to visit Poole and collect an easy four points against a team of juniors. The BSPA Management Committee ruling that caused Poole to take this action, was for the Pirates to revert to the same line up, including a guest, that the Hammers faced and defeated in a last heat decider a fortnight ago.

Hammers Co-Promoter Jon Cook commented “We respect the fact that each club must make their own decision on what is right and wrong for their own business. We cannot and would not make another club stage a meeting”