#RICO Support fund exceeds original target

The Lee Richardson Support Fund manager, Gerald Richter has provided an update on the latest figure raised by donations from the global speedway family. The respected track man commented

” We would like to thank everyone for their amazing generosity since May, culminating in the overwhelming attendance of Remembering#Rico, the Lee Richardson tribute meeting in September.

With all of the donations received directly from speedway tracks, groups and individuals from around the world, along with all of the merchandising including the T-Shirts and wristbands, we have exceeded the original target of £100K by more than £20k, a figure which is phenomenal.

The Fund still has more to come, including the amazing response to the DVD of the Remembering#Rico meeting, further items which will added to the Hammers official¬† Support fund eBay page and the Hammers V Witches select XI football match on the 4th of November”

Image: Lee Richardson Memorial Speedway Meeting at Arena Essex Raceway. CREDIT: Gavin Ellis/TGSPHOTO


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