#RICO- Gone but never forgotten


Today marks the fourth anniversary of the tragic death of Hammers Captain Lee Richardson. Memories and messages are shared below.

Remembering #RICO

Hello, this picture of Lee with my son. Thomas was 2 1/2 at the time and the only rider he pretended to be was Rico. He’s now 7 but we often talk about Lee and how good he was. #RICO never forgotten
Stuart Watkinson

I remember this like it was yesterday, it was quite a freaky day. I was returning from Prague on that day with friends when there was a minor chemical incident on our flight and we were escorted by fire engines alongside us as we landed. Once home I was playing catch-up with the speedway news online and was informed oddly by the comments of an Internet troll on a forum.

Certainly a day I’ll never forget. Lee was a terrific person, a gentleman and role model to our sport. When I took my nieces to Lakeside for the first time…….I said not much happens but Rico proved me wrong by getting into a scuffle with an opposing rider at the end of a race, out of character but entertaining for the girls. #RICO

Andy Jackson

Lee was a wonderful man.  Friendly and a gentleman on the track. My parents Doreen and John and I didn’t know of his death till we read it in the paper on the Monday morning and we cried all day reading the online tributes.  For the first meeting after his death we made a banner that I have on my bedroom wall to this day.  They say you never forget where you were the day Elvis died…for us…it’s Lee.  Always in our hearts.

Marie Walker

Marie Walker

Please find a photo of my grandson when he was a mascot for the day and had his photo taken with Lee. My grandsons name is Jack Duke. We do miss watching Lee come out of the pits and doing his warm up excercises.

Wendy DukeWendy Duke

Sadly missed. A gentleman, who always found time to talk. Captain Fantastic.

Kenny Drew

Lee Richardson was an amazing captain and served the Hammers well for the years he was with us. He always made time for fans, no matter the out come of the meeting. Everytime that I saw Lee he always had a smile on his face. #RICO will always be a Hammer and will always be in our hearts.

Lindsey UdallLindsey Udall

 Ride in peace Rico you were the best captain on this planet!

 Arkadiusz Zych

This is a picture of when I helped present with Steve and Sandra Gibbons the rider of the month award. I miss his big smile and whenever I hear the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, I always think of him.