Tough night for Richard and Lewis

The Vortex Hammers pair of Richard Lawson and Lewis Bridger suffered a tough night in the British Final at Monmore Green last night, scoring 6 and 5 points respectively.  With a place at the British GP up for grabs, the Hammers pairing began the meeting in good style, meeting in the third race, with Lewis claiming a win over his team mate.

Bridger followed that with a second place in heat 5, but then recorded last places in his remaining three rides.  Lawson returned a last place in his second outing, in heat 7 before scoring 2 points in heats 9 and 20.

The meeting was won by Tai Woffinden, with Craig Cook claiming the British GP wildcard place.

BRITISH FINAL, Wolverhampton

QUALIFYING SCORES: Craig Cook 13, Ben Barker 13, Tai Woffinden 12, Scott Nicholls 12, Jason Garrity 9, Chris Harris 9, Simon Stead 9, Danny King 7, Richie Worrall 7, Charles Wright 7, Richard Lawson 6, Lewis Bridger 5, Lewis Blackbird 4, Edward Kennett 3, Leigh Lanham 2, Steve Boxall 2.

SEMI-FINAL: Woffinden, Harris, Garrity, Nicholls (DSQ).

GRAND FINAL: Woffinden, Cook, Barker, Harris

Image: Richard Lawson of Lakeside Hammers – Lakeside Hammers vs Leicester Lions, Elite League Speedway at the Arena Essex Raceway.  CREDIT: Rob Newell/TGSPHOTO