An update on Bryn Williams


An update on Bryn Williams, who remains in hospital from his daughter Carys. Everyone at The Hammers sends their thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hi all.

Update on Dad. He is still very unwell. Friday seemed to be a bit of a blip and we haven’t had any conversations with him since then. He is sleeping a lot but has been able to ask for water and to re-adjust his bed.

The doctors have said he is stable at the moment – he is not getting any better but he is not deteriorating either.

Will be going back tomorrow and hopefully he will have made some progress.

I will try and update but as you can imagine this is hard for Andy and I and extremely emotionally draining. I will try and respond to messages as much as possible but please keep those who are not on Facebook up to date too.

Again, thanks for your wishes and support. We do really appreciate it!