In the workshop with Alfie Bowtell


As we head towards the new season, it’s time for a top level chat with the 2017 Hammers.

First up in the workshop, is one of our new Hammers Alfie Bowtell

Ahead of the new season – what are your main hopes and aims?

To basically be consistent, up my average and ideally also manage to get some guest bookings..

What equipment are you running in 2015?

Jawa frames, Jawa forks, GM engines and Blixt carbs.

Best thing about being a speedway rider?

I get days off work!

What’s the worst thing about being a speedway rider?

The morning after a crash…

How did you first start speedway?

I first tried speedway out at The Hagon Shocks Academy track a couple years ago.  As soon as I tried it, I knew I wanted to give speedway a go, so I saved up and brought a bike later that year.

Favourite track?

Rye House.

Favourite ever rider?

A mix between Nicki Pedersen and Greg Hancock.

Any Pre-meeting rituals?

Not much really, I just always make sure my equipment is as good as it can be and put my left knee brace and boot on before my right.

Message for the Hammers fans?

Just that I’m really looking forward to getting out on track and meeting up with all the fans and new faces.

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