In the Workshop with Ben Morley

Ben Morley_Lakeside Hammers Speedway

It’s a Monday morning workshop chat with one of our key Hammers, Ben Morley

New season – hopes and aims?

To be the highest average rider in the league and to bring home some silverware for the Hammers!

What equipment are you running?

JHR frames and forks, GM offset motor & a new Elite clutch

Best thing about being a speedway rider?

Getting to race my bike and earn couple penny’s on the way

Worst thing?

Having to clean the bikes and the traveling!

How did you first start speedway?

I went to speedway for my first time with my Grandad and he bought me a training day at King’s Lynn. I loved it and progressed from there.

Favourite track?


Favourite ever rider?

Leigh Adams

Pre-meeting rituals?

Stretches and stay chilled before the helmet goes on!

Shout out to your sponsors:

Steve and Christine



Ria and mum

Makiah Rae and family

Speedway services

KKB race team

Big Dog Brumpton

Message for the Hammers fans?

Hope everyone is buzzing for the new season as much as I am..  I can’t wait to get on track and put on a great show for you guys, so see you all soon #TeamMorley19

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