Hammers to trial 9G track

Published on 1st April…

Ever the innovators, Lakeside Hammers are in the final planning stages of testing a new track surface for the Arena Essex Raceway.

From the initial days of 3G and 4G football pitches, AstroTurf technology has progressed rapidly, with a new, high intensity 9G standard the latest development.

Hammers boss Will Pottinger takes up the story.

“We’ve been working with a specialist sports technology company in the Midlands, who have developed a fully robust 9G AstroTurf solution which is fit for multiple uses.

We ran a few initial tests, and found that when cut and combed to the correct length, the 9G turf provides the same grip and slick effects for speedway bikes as a shale surface.

The 9G turf is laid out over the track from the centre green out to the existing air fence.

Because of the way the individual 9G blades are woven, we found it reduces the amount of grading needed, with the track staff effectively combing the track between heats, basically to make sure it looks it’s best”

The Hammers see the new 9G track as potentially the perfect solution for Speedway – it’s waterproof, is easy to maintain, and importantly allows further advertising opportunities, with logos spray dyed within the turf as seen on rugby and cricket pitches.

Pottinger continued

“We’re very excited – the 9G track could provide a seamless progression between grass track racing and speedway, whilst also allowing mini 5 a side football training and tournaments on the bends and straights, meaning that we can maximise the use of the Raceway outside of Hammers fixtures, but in an aesthetically positive manner”