Hawks proper send-off

While all eyes are currently on the build-up to the Elite League Play-offs, the Lakeside Management have also confirmed that the last meeting involving their joint shared team Hackney v Scunthorpe will revert to the Raceway and will be staged on Friday October 7th.  This follows the postponement of the meeting which was being kindly staged by Len Silver at Rye House last weekend.

Promoter Jon Cook explained  “We had asked Len to take the meeting as the support for NL racing has been poor at Lakeside and we also had a situation where the team had, at the time, a great chance to qualify for the Play offs and were more likely to do that at Rye, with us paying for all the meeting costs. However, following the postponement last week the team has now gone past the cut-off date and lost its chance of Play Off qualification due to defeat at Stoke the night before.

At the same time over the summer the training schools at Arena, run by Linda and George Barclay, have gone from strength to strength and not only represent a great step forward for the club in producing our own riders of the future but also an income that covers the cost of our stadium rental and means we can offer reduced admission for this meeting and can consider our very own third tier Young Hammers team if interest is there from the fans.”

Cook continued ” As a result and with the considerable help of Rob Godfrey at Scunthorpe, we are able to stage the meeting on the Friday October the 7th with admission at just £8 for Adults and Kids for £1 and both Rob and ourselves will be filling any absent riders with the best trainees at our respective Training Schools giving the meeting a real academy feel.

We also want to see the great name of the Hackney Hawks out in the style it deserves.  All ex-Hawks and Kestrels will be welcome to attend and we will be giving one of the teams body colours away at the end of the action to the person who is lucky enough to pick up a signed programme.  I hope those Hammers fans that have stayed away because they didn’t like the Hawks moniker will come out and show there is a level of support for us to consider our own team and that Hackney fans take one, perhaps last chance, to make it a date Friday at eight”.
Any riders wishing to take part in the afternoon training school can book by calling Linda on 020 8592 3361, with one place to fill on the Hawks team, this could be a chance to impress and start a career with the Young Hammers.

Picture: Marc Owen (blue) and David Mason (red) – Hackney Hawks vs Isle of Wight Islanders – National League Speedway at Arena Essex Raceway. MANDATORY CREDIT: Rob Newell/TGSPHOTO