Visit to Swindon now set for 28th August

The Vortex Hammers will now visit Swindon this coming Thursday, 28th August.

The Club wishes to inform its fans that it was agreed by Elite promoters at their mid season get together that in order to complete the season in the event of a rain off the visiting team was obliged to visit on the host club’s next available regular race night and full facilities would be granted for riders that would be unavailable due to clashes with meetings already scheduled on that day.

Therefore the Vortex Hammers have no option to refuse this date.

Photo : Heat 1: Davey Watt (red), Richard Lawson (blue), Hans Andersen (yellow) and Kyle Howarth (white) – Lakeside Hammers vs Coventry Bees – Elite League Speedway at Arena Essex – 23/08/14 – (Gavin Ellis/TGSPHOTO)