Vortex Hammers V Bees Meeting Postponed

After overnight rain and with a forecast for continued wet weather all day and temperatures in low single figures the Vortex Hammers meeting with Coventry tonight has been cancelled.

The Vortex Hammers Co Promoter¬† Jon Cook explained: “With two Hammers riders and three Bees riders sitting in European departure lounges ready to fly we have brought forward the decision to call the meeting off to earlier than we normally would but with every weather forecast giving us no hope that decision is made for us.”

“We will now have to wait for a fortnight to see the new look Vortex Hammers in action and hope that we will at last do that in weather more befitting a summer Sport, after all it will only be June by then!

It’s hugely disappointing given the excitement around the Raceway following our run of four wins but at least we head into another Grand Prix week break in excellent shape, team wise, and with Birmingham’s win last night at Swindon the path to the Play Offs is opening up nicely, promising an exciting summer ahead.

Image: Heat 13: Peter Karlsson (red), Niels-Kristian Iversen (white), Piotr Swiderski (blue) and Rory Schlein – Vortex Lakeside Hammers vs Kings Lynn Stars – CREDIT: Gavin Ellis/TGSPHOTO