In the workshop with Nick Laurence


It’s a Saturday workshop chat with another of our new Hammers, Nick Laurence.

New season – hopes and aims?

To stay injury free and score some decent points for Lakeside!

What equipment are you running?

GM engines, Jawa diamond, Stuha forks, Scandic clutch, Blixt carbs.

Best thing about being a speedway rider?

The thrill and excitement of racing!

Worst thing?

The injurys and bad meetings

How did you first start speedway?

I got involved at the Eastbourne junior track

Favourite tracks?

King’s Lynn and Peterborough

Favourite ever rider?

Tony Rickardsson and Edward Kennett

Pre-meeting rituals?

Not sure if it’s a ritual but laying my helmet, goggles and gloves out ready!

Shout out to any sponsors:

Mum & Dad, Edward & Dave Kennett, Charlie Gates, JCPro, Gas Plus Energy Solutions Ltd

Message for the Hammers fans?

A big thank you to the Hammers fans for the support so far and welcoming me into the team, and I look forward to interacting with you as much as I can as the season progresses. So a big thank you to you all & look forward to meeting you all soon!

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