One Hot Minute – Esses Magazine

The Vortex Lakeside Hammers are proud to feature in a brand new, bespoke motorbike publication, called “Esses Magazine”.

Launched this month, with a special “Issue Zero” edition,  the publication is born out of the love of everything on two wheels. It celebrates the excitement and thrill of both riding and the motorcycle world. Its people, riders, racers and characters.

The Hammers gave Esses Magazine Editor David Burton and Art Director Jon Butterworth access all areas at The Raceway for the feature.  Publisher Burton commented

“ We wanted to get inside the riders’ helmets and understand how they deal with the intensity of a race that lasts a matter of seconds. Even after spending time with the riders it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact mix of ingredients that go into making a speedway star.

An unwavering mental toughness is one, bravery beyond reason is another, as is an obvious but somewhat overlooked ability, every bit as impressive as Jorge’s, Casey’s and Valentino’s to ride a motorcycle”

A fantastic short film, One Hot Minute,  produced in conjunction with the feature, captures the thoughts of riders such as Hammers number one Peter Karlsson.

Along with a 16 page spread on The Hammers, which contains some stunning imagery, the launch edition also covers numerous two wheeled disciplines, from Motocross, through to the Isle of Man TT.

The full colour, 84 page edition costs £5, from which £1 from each sale will be donated to the Lee Richardson Trust fund.  To make this donation, please write ‘speedway’ in the ‘more information’ section when paying by PayPal.

For further information click here to visit the Esses site or you can buy a copy by clicking here

To view the “One Hot minute” short film please click on the image below.