Today’s Hawks, Tomorrow’s GP Stars

As the Hackney Hawks count down the days until their return to the track, we are offering all our supporters an opportunity to get behind our young rising stars, Marc Owen and Shane Hazelden.

The club is only as big as it’s fans and it’s future stars, and we can all show we are committed to our youngsters by way of a user friendly – and very affordable – sponsorship option.
Whenever Hammers assets Shane and Marc turn out for the Hackney Hawks at the Arena Essex Raceway, you will have a chance to sponsor them per point scored. Sponsorship can be as little as 10p per point up to £1 per point.

The Hammers promotional duo of Jon Cook and Stuart Douglas are starting the scheme off with individual offers of £1 per rider per point scored.

“This is a brilliant way of everyone at the club participating in the future of British speedway – by putting our lads first,” said Douglas. “We are completely committed to Marc and Shane, who are undoubtedly very talented, and we want to do all we can to help them climb the ladder of success. Every penny really does count to these lads, and I applaud everyone who feels they are able to help.”

The club are hoping that this initiative will not only help Shane and Marc, but will also help attract promising youngsters to the club in the future. The Hammers believe strongly in developing British talent, and want to be the club of choice for stars of the future.

If you are interested in offering sponsorship, please contact

Picture: Marc Owen and Shane Hazelden (Gavin Ellis / TGS Photo)